Is Berlin for all?

Is Berlin for all? Berlin, Barrier free City in 2020
Film commissioned by the Senate of Berlin to raise awareness on the importance of Berlin becoming a barrier free city.
With the participation of: Nicola Buschko, Lutz Dürichen, Wolfgang Schmidt-Block, Kristina V., Katrin Wälder.

Client  Senate of Berlin
Executive producer Barbara Berninger
Thematic advisors Gerd Grenner and Ingeborg Stude
Director Ariadna Pujol
Animation and Editing Aleix Abellanet
Directors of Photography Sophie Köhler and Christian Plähn
Production Coordinator Manoj Thomas
Sound Designer Juan Sánchez «Cuti»


Aleix Abellanet Berlin
Berlin Aleix Abellanet
Aleix Abellanet Berlin